Joseph Warner of Hatton Street

1717 - 1801


Son of Ashton Warner (d. 1752, Attorney-General of the Leeward Islands), father of William Warner of Dominica, and Joseph Warner jun. (each of whom q.v.). The Joseph Warner and Joseph Warner jun. who were among the signatories of the 1783 address to George III by planters of the West India islands residing in Great Britain and merchants trading to those islands were probably this man and his son. Joseph Warner was the first member of the Royal College of Surgeons and has an entry in the ODNB, which says of him that he 'was the eldest son of Ashton Warner (1691–1752), politician, of Antigua in the West Indies. Joseph Warner later inherited the estate in Antigua...'

  1. According to Vere Langford Oliver, Joseph Warner (1717-1801) settled Clarke's Hill on his eldest son William in 1786 and was the owner of Hatton Garden on Dominica. The compensation for the enslaved people on Hatton Garden was claimed by Joseph Thomas Warner, grandson of Joseph Warner (1717-1801).

  2. Will of Joseph Warner surgeon [of Hatton Street in the parish] of St Andrew Holborn proved 04/08/1801. He had, he said, long since made over his estates to his sons. He left his leasehold estate in Hatton Street to his wife Elizabeth and then to his son Joseph. The will also identified his grandsons Joseph Thomas Warner ('representative of the eldest branch of the Warner family') and Ashton Warner.


London Gazette 12422 11/03/1783 p. 2; D'A. Power, ‘Warner, Joseph (1717–1801)’, rev. Michael Bevan, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004 [, accessed 14 Dec 2015].

  1. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. III p. 187.

  2. PROB 11/1362/10.

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Elizaeth Sanders
William; Joseph jun.; Elizabeth
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1779 [SY] - 1786 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Inherited under the entail on the death of his brother Thomas in 1779; in turn he settled the estate on his son William Warner in 1786

- 1801 [LA] → Owner

Before he made his 1800 will [proved in 1801], Joseph Warner had assigned his estates to his sons. According to Vere Langford Oliver [History of Antigua Vol. III p.187], these included Hatton Garden.

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Portrait of Joseph Warner by Samuel Medley, held by the Royal College of Surgeons of London... 
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Founder member
Royal College of Surgeons...... 
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The first member of the Royal College of Surgeons and member of the College's court of assistants 1800-1801. D'A. Power, ‘Warner, Joseph (1717–1801)’, rev. Michael Bevan, Oxford Dictionary of...

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