Abednego Mathew of Handley

1724 - ????


Son of William Mathew Lt-Governor of St Kitts (d. 1752) and Ann nee Smith; estranged husband of Jannett nee Buckley (q.v. under Jannett Mathew), the daughter and heir of William Buckley of St Kitts; and father of Abednego Mathew (q.v.). His daughter with Jannett Mathew nee Buckley, Mary, married Hugh Viscount Carleton in 1795. Oliver shows him, apparently erroneously, as MP for Corfe Castle.


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol.II pp. 252-253.

Further Information

Janet or Jennett or Jannett Buckley
Abednego; Mary; Lydia Payne

Associated Estates (1)

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1755 [SY] - 1795 [EY] → Not known

Administrator of the will of William Buckley in 1755, and guardian of his wife Jennett nee Buckley whom he married in 1752 and from whom he separated in 1759. He reportedly died c. 1795. His status vis-à-vis the estate is unclear: certainly his estranged widow Jennett treated it as absolutely her own in her will of 1812.

Relationships (3)

Father → Son
Husband → Wife
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The couple separated in 1759, according to Vere Langford...