George Home of Paxton

???? - 1820


Brother of Ninian Home (q.v.) from whom he inherited both 'slave-property' in Grenada and Paxton House.


NRS GD267/5 1750-1865: Papers relating to West Indies plantations (Waltham, Grenada), including lists of negroes, correspondence and accounts, 1750-1865, and formal deeds appointing Ninian Home as Lt Governor in Grenada, 1784-1793.

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1795 [SY] - 1820 [EY] → Owner

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Physical (1)

Country house
Regency Wing, Paxton House [Built] 
description →
Addition in 1814 by George Home of The Regency Wing (designed by Robert Reid and furnished by William Trotter) to the neo-Palladian Paxton House, originally built by Patrick Home, sold to Ninian Home...

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Other relatives
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Other relatives
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Notes →
George Home succeeded to the estates of Ninian Home in Scotland and...

Addresses (1)

Paxton House, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Berwickshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland