Richard Vining Perry Ogilvie

1765 - 1834


Born Richard Vining Perry. An apothecary based in Bristol who in 1791 abducted the 15-year-old heiress Clementina Clarke from her boarding school in Bristol. Clarke had inherited in trust Langley Park in Jamaica from her uncle George Ogilvie. In 1794 Perry was tried for abduction but acquited when Clementina testified that she had intended to elope with him. The case was widely reported in newspapers at the time.

Clementina Perry, daughter of Richard and Clementina Perry, was baptised at Barwell, Leicestershire, 28/07/1813. Clementina Perry died, age 38 at Bath in September 1813.

George Ogilvie had left an annuity of £400 pa to his wife Barbara nee Dundas and the question of whether the annuity should be charged on his Jamaican or Scottish property formed the case Ogilvie v. Dundas and others.

George Ogilvie had in 1782 bequeathed his estate to his nephew George Clarke (later Ogilvie) but amended his will in favour of George Clarke's sister Clementina in 1791. The details of George Clarke's inheritance formed the case Marshall and others v. Wedderburn and others.

A miniature of Richard Vining Perry Ogilvie is held at Benthall Hall, Shropshire.


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Miniature of Richard Vining Perry Ogilvie, attire. to Andrew Plimer, c. 1805. Now in Benthall Hall Shrophire, National Trust... 
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