Rev. John Gibbons

???? - 1843


Slave-owner on Barbados, son of Sir John Gibbons bart. (q.v.), from whom he inherited Bakers estate and the enslaved people on it. He sold the estate [and enslaved people] in 1806. Rector of Colington Thornbury Hereford 1790-1843 and of Brasted Kent 1805-1843.

  1. Will of Rev. John Gibbons clerk of Brasted Kent proved 20/05/1843. In the will he left his wife land in East Riding he had bought from Edward Turton, as well as his estate at Sundridge for life with remainder to his nephew Scawen Kenrick Gibbons [II] (changed in a codicil to a life-interest in entail) . He left monetary legacies of £500 or £1000 to numerous family members, totalling £18,500.


  1. PROB 11/1979/166

Further Information

Oxford (Merton) [1771-1775 ]

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1777 [SY] - 1806 [EY] → Owner

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Son → Father
Uncle → Nephew

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Brasted, Kent, South-east England, England