Barlow Trecothick

???? - 28th May 1775


Merchant of London, slave-owner, Lord Mayor in 1770 and MP for London 1768-1774. Bought Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey, which he bequeathed to his nephew James Ivers Trecothick. Died 28/05/1775 age 56. He has an entry in the ODNB as 'merchant and politician', which says: 'In 1768 Trecothick purchased an estate of 5000 acres in Addington, Surrey, for £38,500. At the same time, he acquired a share in a plantation in Grenada and several estates in Jamaica.'

  1. 'He owned together with the Thomlinson family a plantation in Grenada; and according to a writer in the Gazetteer of 19 Mar. 1768, friendly to him, ‘a considerable estate in Jamaica’, but only property ‘let at £70 or 80 p.a.’ in North America.'


Annesley William Streane, Croydon in the past (Croydon, 1883) pp. 118-119; Hancock, David. 2008 "Trecothick, Barlow (1718?–1775), merchant and politician." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 14 Jul. 2019.; for a dispute over the will of Barlow Trecothick see William P. Mason, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Courts of the United States for the First Circuit (Boston, Hilliard, Gray, Little and Wilkins, 1828) pp. 16-45 which also sets out the background to James Trecothick's inheritance; Watson, D. H. "Barlow Trecothick." Bulletin. British Association for American Studies, New Series, no. 1 (1960): 36-49. Accessed August 3, 2021., describes him (p. 38) as 'one of the largest land-holders [sic] in the island of Grenada.'


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[1] Grizzel [2] Ann Meredith

PROB 11/1009/51 - precis.

Barlow Trecothick Esquire one of the Aldermen of the City of London.

All my estate both real and personal (except that separately bequeathed to my wife) to the use of Rt. Hon. Frederick Campbell Esquire commonly called Lord Frederick Campbell, Hon. Frederick Vane Esquire the Reverend East Apthorp of Croydon Clerk and Laurence Holker of St Thomas Apostle London Gentleman upon trust.

Out of the rents and profits of my real estate to pay one annuity of £200 to my dear wife Ann Trecothick during her natural life as an addition to the jointure of £800 settled upon her by her marriage settlement.

Out of my personal estate and the profits of my real estate or by sale or mortgage of parts of my real estate in the West Indies as may be requisite to pay the several incumbrances affecting my real estates and all other just debts.

To my sister Hannah, the wife of James Ivers £100 per year for life.

To the Rev. East Apthorp £50 per year for life.

To each of my two nieces, the daughters of my sister Hannah Ivers £50 per year to age 21 years or marriage.

To my nephew James Ivers £200 to age 21.

To my servant Thomas Payne £10 per year for life.

To each of my nieces, the daughters of Hannah Ivers £1,000 at age 21 or marriage.

To each of the children of the Rev. East Apthorp £200 at age 21 or marriage.

To the daughters of Thomas Pinner of John Street, Bedford Square Esquire £100 each at age 21 or marriage.

To each of my servants at the time of my death who has been with me for at least 1 year, £10 for mourning.

My trustees to invest £800 out of my personal estate in the public funds upon trust to pay one third of the yearly interest to the Church Wardens of the parish of Addington in Surrey where I now reside to be distributed yearly at Christmas among the poor in such manner as my wife shall direct. Upon trust to pay the remaining two thirds of the yearly interest to the Vicar of the parish of Addington for the time being provided he constantly resides in the Vicarage House but not otherwise.

My trustees out of my personal estate to pay £500 to the Treasurers of the City of London Lying In Hospital and £200 for the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts. Also £200 to the Treasurers of Christ's Hospital, St Bartholomews Hospital, the London Hospital, Bethelem Hospital and St Thomas's Hospital for the uses of the said hospitals respectively.

My wife during her widowhood for so long as she shall choose to live at the house I am now building at Addington. Also for her use my furniture, linen, etc used in the family in my London or Country House. The house now in building shall be finished and fit for residence by my said trustees.

To my wife four coach horses, four cart horses, my coach and post chaise with harness, four cows, one waggon and so many carts and ploughs as she shall choose.

To each of my trustees £500. They to finish the building of my house at Addington according to my plans.

All the consignments of sugar from my plantation in the West Indies to be made to my present partner George Apthorp during his life. To him £100 per year for life.

All rest and residue of my real estate upon trust for every child of myself and my present wife equally divided between them as tenants in common, and of the heirs of their bodies. In default to my nephew James ivers and the heirs of his body. In default for Hannah Ivers, the eldest daughter of my sister Hannah Ivers and her heirs. In default for Jane Ivers, the youngest daughter of my sister Hannah and her heirs. In default for my own right heirs for ever. The same distribution for my personal estate. Heirs to take my name Trecothick.

Trustees to be executors.

Signed 25/01/1774.

Proved in London 08/06/1775.

Oxford DNB Entry

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1768 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Owner
- 1775 [EY] → Owner
1767 [SY] - → Mortgage Holder

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Name partner
Thomlinson, Trecothick & Co.
West India merchant  

Physical (1)

Country house
Addington Palace [Purchased] 
description →
Purchased the estate in Jan. 1768 for £38,500. Began work on the main house in 1772, which was completed by his nephew James Ivers...

Political (2)

Local Government
office →
Lord Mayor
1770 - 1770
election →
London London
1768 - 1774

Relationships (3)

Business partners
Business partners
Uncle → Nephew

Addresses (2)

London, London, England
Addington Palace, Croydon, Surrey, South-east England, England