John Heath of Corsham

???? - 1786


  1. Will of John Heath [late of St Elizabeth Jamaica but now] of Corsham Wiltshire [made 23/11/1785] proved 06/10/1786. He left £500 currency to each of his sisters and £2000 currency to his daughter Priscilla [sp ?] at 21, and an annuity of £15 p.a. to Frances Powell a free mulatto woman of St Elizabeth. He left his [unspecified] Jamaica property subject to these charges to his father John Heath for life with the expense of caring and educating Priscilla, and then to his [John Heath's] brothers William Heath and Thomas Heath as tenants-in-common.


  1. PROB 11/1146/201

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1771 [EA] - 1777 [LA] → Overseer

Tentative association with this John Heath

- 1786 [LA] → Owner
1787 [EA] - 1788 [LA] → Previous owner
1774 [EA] - 1777 [LA] → Overseer

Tentative association with this John Heath

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William Heath was also co-remainderman under John Heath of Corsham's will of 1786....

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Corsham, Wiltshire, South-west England, England