George Clarke of Hyde

???? - 1777


Brother of Edward Clarke of Trelawny (q.v.). Not himself a slave-owner, he left estates in England to his slave-owning great-nephews George and Edward Clarke senior.

  1. Will of George Clarke of Hyde Cheshire proved 06/12/1777. He left Hyde in Cheshire and other lands in Lancashire in trust for his great-nephew George Clarke (q.v. under George Clarke of Hyde and Hyde Hall NY). He left to his nephew George Clarke Hyde all the 'bin houses and implements' belonging to his colliery at Hyde. Among other monetary legacies he left £500 to his 'nephew-in-law' William Sanford to be raised as soon as possible from 'my late brother's estate of Hyde in Jamaica,' and £2000 in trust for William Sanford's wife Mary. He left his lands in America to his great-nephews Edward and George, and he left £2000 to Edward, who was also his residuary legatee. The will does not mention the Swainswick estate in Somerset, which History of Parliament says was inherited by Edward Clarke from his great-uncle George in 1777.


  1. PROB 11/11037/126

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Great-uncle → Great-nephew
Great-uncle → Great-nephew
Uncle → Nephew

Addresses (1)

Hyde, Cheshire, North-west England, England