Dr John Smith of St Vincent

???? - 1812


The Latin epitaph of Dr John Smith appeared in the Scots Magazine in 1814 when he was shown as having died 28/06/1812 and in the European Magazine in 1815, when he was shown as aged 44 and of Rabaca. Although it would appear reasonable to presume him to be the same man as the John Smith awarded compensation of £1200 with Alex. Cumming for the Rabaca estate after the 1812 eruption, a John Smith is shown as co-owner with Alex Cumming of the Belmont estate in 1817 and as owner in 1822 and 1825.


Scots Magazine (1814) ) Vol. 76 p. 816; European Magazine and London Review (July-December 1815) Vol. 68 p. 160.

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Dr John Smith was shown as of Rabaca in his death-notices of 1812. It would be logical to assume that he was the John Smith awarded compensation with Alexander Cumming for damage to Rabaca in the 1812 eruption, but Alexander Cumming appears to have had a partner named John Smith active between 1817 and 8125 as co-owner of the Belmont estate and the enslaved people on it.