John David Fatio

???? - 1774


Merchant, partner with Richard Bosanquet (q.v.) in the Hamburg and West India merchants, Bosanquet and Fatio, which according to his will had compounded with their creditors shortly before he made his will in 1773.

An Act for Naturalising Joh David Fatio was heard in the House of Lords in 1755.

Children baptised in All Hallows Staining, London: Jane (1764), Maria Matilda (1765), Sophia Maria (1766), John (1768).

The will of John David Fatio, merchant of Mincing Lane, City of London, was proved in London 06/05/1774.

The widow of Mr. John David Fatio died at Hadley Green Middlesex, 13/02/1803.


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Further Information

John Samuel, Maria Sophia

PROB 11/997/249 - precis.

John David Fatio, merchant of Mincing Lane.

To my wife Jane Fatio all my wearing apparel, linen, furniture, books, plate, jewels, trinkets. Also to her the moiety of the lease of a house in London Street now in the possession of Samuel Turner the younger for the remainder of the term of years.

Whereas I am in partnership with Richard Bosanquet of London merchant and through disappointments in remittances from abroad and other unavoidable accidents in trade the said Richard Bosanquet and myself have been obliged to call our creditors together who upon seeing a state of our affairs have indulged us with four years for the payment of their several debts and have appointed Samuel Bosanquet, Peter Ganssen and Goodson Wynds to be assistants to the said Richard Bosanquet and myself in settling our several affairs which they have kindly undertaken and whereas for the support of myself and family it has been agreed by the aforsaid gentlemen that I shall receive out of the said trade an annual income of £800 until the several debts due from the said Richard Bosanquet and myself are paid and satisfied now I do hereby give to my said wife the said annual sum of £800 until the said debts are paid for the support of herself and children.

The said sum of £800 to be charged with an annuity of £200 to Ellen Inghorn, widow of my brother-in-law, and also with the interest due to Miss Catherine Quest upon the principal sum of £4500 which I stand indebted to her. Also the interest due to Mr Samuel Quest on the principal sum of £2,500. Also with the interest due on £1,500 to Mrs Anne Marshall my sister-in-law. Also with the sum of £59 yearly to Mr Vincent Theodore Cornabe of Vevey in Switzerland and my two sisters Louise Esther Fatio and Charlotte Fatio.

All rest and residue: 1/3 to my wife; 1/3 to my son John Samuel Fatio at age 21 years; 1/3 to my daughter Maria Sophia Fatio age at 21 or marriage. [Default names including the children of my brother Francis Philip Fatio.]

Executors to be my wife, my brother Michael Fatio and Samuel Quest.

Signed 30/03/1773.

Proved in London 06/05/1774 by Jane Fatio widow, Michael Fatio the brother and Samuel Quest.


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Mincing Lane, City of London, Middlesex, London, England