William Thorpe Holder

1744 - 1787


Son of William Holder (d. c. 1753) and Elizabeth Thorpe (d. c. 1783).

  1. Will of William Thorpe Holder of [Grosvenor Place] St George Hanover Square proved 05/09/1787. Under the will he left an annuity of £200 p.a. on top of the £600 p.a. already settled on his wife Philippa Eliot, and left her his dwelling house in Dorking with land called the Cat Fields for life, then to his son John Hooper Holder. He left £4000 each at 18 to his daughters Philippa Harbin and Margaret Dehany, and £5000 to his son John Hooper. His residuary heir was his son William Philip Holder (d. 1797, who under his will left £8000 to his sister Margaret Dehany Hooper and everything else to his brother John Hooper Holder). In a codicil William Thorpe Holder specified the property to be appropriated to fund the legacies to his daughters, including £4000 due on mortgage from Sir Jonathan Lovitt [sic, in fact Lovett] bart. and £2500 on mortgage from Edw. Juge [sp?]. The will of William Thorpe Holder makes no reference to slave-property although he inherited the Hellaby estate from his father in 1753.


  1. PROB 11/1157/34; will of William Philip Holder of St George Hanover Square proved 26/10/1797, PROB 11/1297/182.

Further Information

Philippa Eliot Hooper
William-Phiip; John Hooper; Philippa Harbin; Margaret Dehany
Eton [1759-1761 ]
Oxford (Trinity) [1761 ]

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Not known

William and Philippa Thorpe Holder (1777) and William Thorpe Holder's sons William Philip Holder (1788) and John Hooper Holder (1798) are shown as associated with Fisherpond 'St Thomas, St Joseph, and St George' on the Creole Links website. These connections have not yet been confirmed by LBS but are consistent with the hypothesis that Fisherpond had belonged to Daniel Hooper and then to Daniel Hooper's son Reynold Hooper and then his widow Harbin Hooper (later Estwicke, later Rycroft). The same site also shows Thomas Yard as owner for 1817, which is not consistent with the Slave Register in 1817 for Fisher's Pond.

1753 [EA] - → Heir

Tentatively identified as the same estate as 'Hellaby' left by William Holder to his son William Thorpe Holder under his will of 1752 (proved 1753).

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Local Government
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High Sheriff
1768 - 1768

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Also uncle and nephew. William Thorpe Holder married his cousin Philippa Elliot Hooper, daughter of Reynold and Harbin...

Addresses (2)

Dorking, Surrey, South-east England, England
Grosvenor Place, St George's Hanover Square, London, Middlesex, London, England