James Virgo

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Resident slave-owner, husband of Rebecca Crouch Gallimore Virgo (nee Wisdom), dead by 1791. Under the will of his father William Virgo (q.v.) he and his brother Montague Wisdom Virgo inherited Water Valley, which by 1781 they assigned to Robert Minto with the approval of Neill Malcolm, who held a debt of £20,000 secured on the estate.

Further Information

Rebecca Gallimore

Associated Estates (3)

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1791 [EA] - 1791 [LA] → Previous owner
1762 [EA] - 1767 [LA] → Owner

'A minor'

1775 [EA] - 1781 [LA] → Joint owner

Co-heir with his brother Montague Wisdom Virgo of their father William Virgo

Relationships (6)

Deceased Husband → Widow
Uncle → Nephew
Uncle → Nephew
Father → Son
Son → Father
Father-in-law → Son-in-law