Alexandre Lindo

???? - 1812


Father of Abraham Alexander Lindo (q.v.). The will of Alexandre Lindo, made in 1805, gives a misleading impression of his wealth at death in 1812, by which time he was reportedly in financial distress.

  1. Will of Alexandre Lindo of Finsbury Square proved 24/04/1812. Under the will he left charitable donations of £100 each to various Jewish charities in Kingston, and his house in Finsbury Square and an annuity of £1300 p.a to his wife Esther. He left: to his son Abraham Alexander Lindo £10,000; to his son David Lindo £1000; the interest on £8000 to his son Joseph; annuities of £150 p.a. to his daughter Mrs Rachael Franco, wife of Moses Franco and £250 p.a. to his daughter Hannah, wife of Daniel McKinlay, together with £5000 to Hannah's children at 21; and £5000 to his daughter Eliza at 21 or marriage. He left his son Aaron Lindo one shilling, with strictures on his ungrateful behaviour, and £5000 each to five of his sons Jacob, Moses, Alexander, Francis and Michael. After further monetary legacies to family, including £250 p.a to his daughter Rachael Aigar [?] he left his residual estate to his son Abraham Alexander Lindo. In a separate codicil of 01/08/1807 (proved in 1813) he said that he had recently obtained possession of a coffee estate called Pleasant Hill, which he left with the enslaved people attached to it to his son Abraham Alexander Lindo subject to his just debts.


Jackie Ranston, The Lindo Legacy.

  1. PROB 11/1532/405; PROB 11/1542/393

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