William Allen of Blackheath

???? - 1797


Co-owner of Tryall estate in Jamaica c. 1762, when he and others, including Jane Allen of Greenwich (presumed to be his cousin) leased the estate and enslaved people to Hon. Peter Mackenzie. The estate had been owned by 'Messrs. Allan, Hiscox and Acres, deceased' in 1740. While his path to ownership has not been traced it appears likely that he was the co-heir of the 'Allan' who had co-owned the estate.

  1. Will of William Allen of Blackheath (with a codicil of 1797) proved 20/01/1798. The will is silent on slave-property. It refers to an inheritance of £5000 from his late friend General Hyde, which he placed in trust for his own younger children, excluding his eldest son Robert Allen of Arundel Street. ['General Hyde' was West Hyde, from an American colonial family, whose will was proved 07/08/1797].


  1. PROB 11/1300/169; PROB 11/1287/236.

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The will of Robert Allen of Greenwich proved 10/03/1752 (PROB 11/793/198) showed Jane Allen as his sister and William Allen of Blackheath as his...

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Blackheath, Kent, South-east England, England