John Kennion late of Jamaica

???? - 1792


  1. It has been inferred by LBS that John Kennion late of Jamaica who died c.1792 was the same man as John Kenyon shown as co-owner of Chester estate in Trelawny, and if so then also the father of the 'patron of the arts and poet' John Kenyon (q.v.). John Kennion late of Jamaica certainly held half of an estate in Trelawny, had a wife from the Simpson family [previous owners of Chester estate] and a son and heir named John and died c. 1792, when the Accounts Produce show a shift to the heirs of John Kennion, leaving his children in the care of his brother Samuel Kennion, all details consistent with the known early life of John Kenyon the patron of the arts and poet.

  2. John Kennion married Milborough Simpson of Trelawny 6 April 1781. (She is also known in some records as Millborough.) Millborough Kennion's death or burial date was 7 March 1788.


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Further Information

Miss Simpson
John; Samuel; Edward; Elizabeth
  1. Will of John Kennion [late of Jamaica but now] of Chenies Buckinghamshire proved 14/01/1793. In the will he left his moiety of an unnamed estate and his other property in Trelawny and his debt receivable for John Halloway Hanson of Hyde Park in St Ann's in trust (his trustees were his brother Samuel Kenyon [sic] of Lambs Conduit Street and John Cunningham of Roslin Castle in Jamaica) to support the education of his sons John, Edward and Samuel. He left his half share in the unnamed Jamaica estate to his son John Kennion at 21 provided that his personal estate and income by that time had accumulated to £11,000, to be divided between the younger sons Edward and Samuel. He provided for two outside families in Jamaica (£200 'to be vested in negroes' to Hannah Kennion daughter of Ann Cooper 'a mulatto woman' now residing at Montego Bay; and £200 to a daughter of Ann Williams of Montego Bay born c. 1789); and left 20 guineas for a ring to 'my friend Mrs Alice Kennion of Liverpool.' Source: PROB 11/1227/107

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1793 [EA] - 1807 [LA] → Previous owner

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Inferred by LBS, but there is strong supporting...
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The precise relationship has not been traced. Mrs Alice Kennion, the widow of John Kennion of Liverpool, was described as 'my friend' in the will of John Kennion late of Jamaica; in turn she left...
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In his will proved in January 1793, John Kennion bequeathed a debt owed to him by John Halloway Hanson of Hyde Park in St...

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Chenies, Buckinghamshire, Central England, England