Judith Maria Luttrell Dowager Countess of Carhampton (née Lawes)

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  1. Will of Judith Maria Luttrell Dowager Countess of Carhampton proved 14/01/1799. In her will she said she was entitled to the remainder in fee of Swallowfield and the enslaved people on it, which she left in trust [her trustee was her son John Olmius Luttrell] to the use of her grandchildren, the children of her dear daughter Lady Lucy Moriarty for life, and then to John Olmius Luttrell. She left moneys due to her on account of Swallowfield to her son Temple Simon Luttrell.


  1. PROB 11/1318/100.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Simon Luttrell, 1st Earl of Carhampton

Associated Estates (2)

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1754 [SY] - 1798 [EY] → Joint owner
1754 [SY] - 1787 [EY] → Joint owner

Relationships (4)

Mother-in-law → Daughter-in-law
Wife → Husband
Mother → Son