George Young of Goory

3rd Nov 1778 - 1835

Claimant or beneficiary


Slave-owner in Jamaica; owner of Goory.

  1. Born in Ireland 03/11/1778, eldest son of George Young of Carthage, Co. Donegal (who sailed for Jamaica 11/02/1778, having married in the previous month; returned to Ireland c. 1783; later went back to Jamaica and died there 11/07/1807, aged 53)

  2. Promoted Lieut., St Elizabeth Regt., 16/07/1811; Capt., Manchester Regt., 28/06/1817.

  3. His enslaved person, Davey, “marked GY”, was a runaway detained in the Workhouse at Black River, May 1815.

  4. His reputed children by Mary Ann Manning, a "free mulatto", were baptised in St Elizabeth: Brook Young, at The Cottage (Bryan Connor's property, probably Hibernia), 14/2/1809 (born 23/6/1808); Thomas Manning Young, at Hibernia, 5/8/1813 (born 13/3/1810)

  5. As George Young of Goory, 22/10/1825, he advertised for sale a “Run of land patented for 500 acres a short distance from this property. Soil of best description for coffee and abounds in Bully Tree, Cedar and other building timbers.”

  6. Of Goory when buried there 13/06/1835, aged 56, described as planter.

  7. The younger son looks likely to be Thomas M. Young, schoolmaster, Siloah, whose twin children Mary Ann Elizabeth and George Benalls (or Bonalls) Young were baptised in St Elizabeth, 27/04/1851.


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£590 13s 0d
Unsuccessful claimant (Owner-in-fee)

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