Peter Vallete

1714 - 1761


Slave-owner of Jamaica, dead by 1767.

  1. Adm. pens. (age 21) at ST JOHN'S, Oct. 25, 1735. S. of Peter, Esq. B. at Port Royal, Jamaica. School, Buntingford, Herts. Died in Jamaica, 1761. (G. Mag.; L. Mag.).

  2. Peter Vallette was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 1138 acres of land in St David and 1622 acres of land in St Thomas-in-the-East, total 2760 acres. With Augustus Valette he owned a further 300 acres in St David and 300 acres in Portland. Messrs. Vallette and Campbell were listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 468 acres of land in St Thomas-in-the-East.

  3. Memorial inscription in Christ Church, Morant Bay: "This Monument was errected by Peter Vallete Esqr. to perpetuate the memory of Ann his late dear wife, who departed this life Seventeenth Nber 1747 aged 66 years and 7 days. She was the daughter of Jno. & Mary Harris and the relict of Captn. Thos. Simson."

  4. "List of deaths for the year 1762. At Jamaica, Hon. Peter Valette, Esq; worth 150,000l."


  1., Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900.

  2. 'A List of landholders in the Island of Jamaica together with the number of acres each person possessed taken from the quit rent books in the year 1754', TNA CO 142/31 transcribed at

  3. [accessed 20/01/2016].

  4. Gentleman's Magazine vol. 32 p. 45 (January 1762).

Further Information

Ann Simson nee Harris
Buntingford, Herts.
St John's College, Cambridge [1735 ]

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