John Parnther senior

???? - 1792


Planter of Hanover, married Ann Bucknor in 1776, shortly after the death of her first husband John Bucknor. His sons John and Robert Ephraim were baptised in Hanover in 1779. The suit of White v Parnther heard in the Privy Council in 1829 concerned Ann's annuity secured on Hopewell estate in Hanover.

Sources, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online]; PROB 11/1653/436. The will of Robert Parnther of Birds Place, Hertfordshire, proved in 1822 refers to a different man to Robert Ephraim Parnther, the son of the John Parnther senior of this entry: LBS has concluded that Robert Parnther of Birds Place (q.v.) was the brother and executor of John Parnther senior.

Further Information

Ann was Bucknor
John (1777-), Robert Ephraim (1779-), Isabella (1780-)
Will film no. 1937926 item 42 - precis.

John Parnther of Hanover, Jamaica.

To my beloved daughter Isabella Parnther, and my beloved sons John Parnther and Robert Ephraim Parnther all my estate, real or personal, whether in money or lands in Great Britain, to them as joint tenants.

Whereas a suit now depends in the High Court of Chancery, respecting and for ascertaining my wife's dower or annuity from Hopewell Estate in Hanover, it is my will that whatever monies may be recovered or acrue therefrom, to me, shall be equally divided, share and share alike, between my three children, and my wife's three daughters, Ann Dunn Bucknor, Elizabeth Witter Bucknor and Frances Catherine Bucknor.

My three children to be educated and maintainted out of the proceeds of my estate, in as decent and frugal a manner as it will admit, leaving the same to the prudence or discretion of my executrix and executors, until my daughter attains the age of 15 years, and that no division of property whatsoever shall take place until that period.

To a quadroon girl named Mary Ann, the daughter of a mulatto woman named Joan, now deceased, the sum of £55, out of the proceeds of my estate, to be laid out in the purchase of a negro girl for her sole use.

My executors to be my beloved wife Ann Parnther and my beloved brother Robert Parnther of Great Britain, as also my worthy friends George Scott and ... [the rest is missing].

Lodged in Jamaica 23/11/1792.


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Robert Parnther was also the executor of his brother...
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