Rev. Thomas Warren

???? - 1805


Resident slave-owner and clergyman on Jamaica. His estate was the subject of Henckell v Davy heard by the Privy Council in 1828, when the surviving heirs protested commissions charged by local executors in Jamaica on the sale of Lacovia in 1816. The case also referred to a second property belonging to the family, Brompton Peen [sic], sold in 1814 for £3672 currency to Lewis Williams.

  1. Will of Rev. Thomas Warren Rector, clerk of St Elizabeth Jamaica [made in 1805] proved 11/01/1814. In the will he left his property in trust to fund monetary legacies, the most significant of which were: £4000 currency to his son Thomas Fullarton Warren; to his daughters Elizabeth Sarah Henckell and Dorothy Owen £2000 currency each (some provision already having been made for them [presumably on marriage]) and two shares standing in their name in the Ipswich Tontine; £3000 currency to his daughter Mary Ann Warren and a share in the Tontine; and £3000 currency to his daughter Harriett and a further £140 currency on the basis she had no share in the Tontine. He went on to say that if Lacovia was to be sold then the provisions of an attached paper [no longer included] were to be considered. The gist appeared to be that the proceeds were to be invested in UK or US stock or land or slaves, with half the proceeds to his wife and half to his children; and if it remained unsold then it was to pass 1/3rd to his son and 2/3rds to his daughters.

  2. The will of Rev. Thomas Warren's son Thomas Fullerton Warren of Kensington was proved 07/01/1814. He left his real and personal estate in Jamaica in trust for his sisters.

  3. Harriett Warren, who appears to have been the surviving heir, left £40,000 when she died at 18 Portman Square in 1863.


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  3. National Probate Calendar 1863.

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1794 [EA] - 1796 [LA] → Not known

'Account given' by Rev. Thomas Warren and Hymen Cohen, with no capacity shown. Possibly trustees or executors.

1805 [EA] - 1805 [LA] → Not known

In his will made in 1805 and proved in 1814, the Rev. Thomas Warren of St Elizabeth referred to the Lacovia estate as if he owned it, and bequeathed it to his family. This has been confirmed by the case of Henckell v Davy, heard by the Privy Council in 1828, which showed the estate being sold to Robert Watt for £40,000 in 1816.

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