Thomas Fowler formerly Hodges

???? - 1820


Son and co-heir with his mother Sarah Hodges nee Fowler (q.v.) of John Hodges of Brook Street, who left his widow Sarah the Lacovia estate and the enslaved people on it in Jamaica, with provisions for his son Thomas to take on the estate and enslaved people. In turn, Thomas Hodges was co-heir of his mother under her will proved in 1799. Thomas Hodges changed his name to Fowler, presumably on inheriting from his mother's family. Burke gives a death-date of 06/06/1820: no will has been found for him to date.


John Burke, History of the Commoners (1833) Vol. I p. 654, 'Hill, of Court of Hill.'

Further Information

Lucy Lowe, nee Hill

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1769 [EA] - → Heir

In the will of John Hodges proved in 1769, he left Lacovia to his wife Sarah with the proviso that if his son Thomas took on the estate, he [the son] would pay Sarah £1000 p.a. At some point between 1791 and 1805, the Hodges family appears to have sold Lacovia. It is not clear whether Thomas Fowler nee Hodges ever came into possession of the estate and enslaved people: it was held by his mother in 1791, and did not appear in her will proved in 1799, of which her son Thomas was co-residuary legatee.

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