John Mavor the elder

???? - 1826


London merchant, partner with William Lushington the elder and the younger, with whom he received what appears to have been two separate Exchequer loans totalling £20,000 but might have been a single loan for £10,000. The partnership was dissolved in 1807; John Mavor the younger, partner with John Mavor the elder, was bankrupt in 1812.

  1. Will of John Mavor of Blandford Place proved 28/09/1826. The original will was a few lines long and left everything to be divided among his children, with Burrage Davenport as executor. In a series of codicils he willed £1200 to which he was entitled on the death of Margaret Still Mavor (who had placed the money in trust with him for her own benefit for life with reversion to him, but outlived him by half a century) to his grandchildren. It appears that this is the will of John Mavor the elder since John Mavor of Blandford Place was aged 70 when buried at St Marylebone in 1826 and a second John Mavor was buried 15/05/1829.


Museum of London in Docklands 679: 4 9 Loan, Cert. No. 71. There are two entries, one dated 25/02/1795 and the other 27/03/1795 for the same amount, £10,000; London Gazette 16102 26 December 1807 p. 1754; ibid, 16568 28 January 1812 p. 211.

  1. PROB 11/1716/437; London, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2003 [database on-line]; England, Select Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991 [database on-line].

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West India merchant  

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Margaret Still Mavor was baptised in 1793, the daughter of John Mavor, inferred to have been John Mavor...
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