Isaac Fox

1759 - 1811


Owner of Mount Chrissey in St Andrew, Jamaica. Deceased by 1817. Father of John Fox.

  1. Isaac Fox of the parish of Kingston, merchant, married Christian Stephenson of St Andrew, widow, in St Andrew 20/09/1792. They had a son, John, born 28/11/1794 and baptised in St Andrew 23/04/1795. This child was buried in St Andrew 21/12/1796 and another son, John, was born 08/06/1798 and baptised in Kingston 14/07/1798. The death of his wife Christian has not been found but he was described as a widower of St Luke, Middlesex, England, when he married his second wife Mary Eliza Young. He had two children born in Jamaica with his second wife - Isaac (born and baptised in 1807) and Mary Eliza (born and baptised in 1808). The first son must have died young because another son, also named Isaac, was baptised in Liverpool in 1810. The youngest Isaac emigrated to New South Wales, Australia, where he died in 1878.

  2. Isaac Fox was a Captain in the St Andrew milita from at least 1796 to 1805 and Lieutenant Colonel in 1808, an Assistant Judge in St Andrew in 1802.

  3. According to an online family history, he was born in Melling, Lancashire in 1759, the son of Gilbert (1714-1780), a tenant farmer, and Mary nee Wilson (1714-1785). The same source states that he was lost at sea in January 1811. Isaac, son of Gilbert and Mary Fox of Robrond [Roeburndale?] was baptised in Melling, 22/07/1759. The family memorial inscription gives Isaac, son of Gilbert and Mary, as dying in January 1811 age 52 years.


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We are grateful to Peter Fox for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

[1] Christian Stephenson [2] Mary Eliza Young
With [1] John (1794-1796), John (1798-). With [2] Isaac (1807-), Mary Eliza (1808-), Isaac (1810-)

Transcription and abstract of the will of Isaac Fox at [accessed 29/11/2021].


Isaac Fox late of St Andrew, Jamaica, but now residing in Liverpool.

To my sister Eleanor Fox an annuity of £30 per annum.

To my brother Gilbert Fox, £100.

To my beloved wife Mary Eliza Fox, all my household furniture, plate and kitchen utensils for her own use and benefit. Also to her an annuity of £250. Should she remarry, the annuity to cease and she to be given £2,000 if she chooses.

My wife to be guardian of any children she has by me, and to receive £50 per annum for each child for their maintenance, clothing and education until they reach the age of 10 years, and thereafter such further sums of money as may be necessary.

All rest and remander of my personal estate and effects in trust to my friends William Parke and Andrew Hogg, both of Kingston, merchants, and Charles Horsfall of Liverpool, merchant. My trustees to take possession of my coffee plantation called Mount Chrissey in St Andrew, Jamaica, and all slaves thereon (except the man named Edward Fox, to whom I give freedom). When my son John Fox attains the age of 21 years, Mount Chrissey is to be appraised and the value of Mount Chrissey and my personal estate to be equally divided between John Fox and all other children I may have by my wife Mary Eliza Fox, after securing the dower bequeathed to my said wife. Mount Chrissey to be delivered up to John Fox at age 21 years on his giving security for the payment of sums towards the maintenance and education of all my children and also on his giving security for the payment of the amount of each child's share of my estate and effects. If John Fox declines to take Mount Chrissey or dies before the age of 21 years then my trustees can sell the estate and divide up the proceeds.

To my son John Fox, my gold watch.

Charles Horsfall to be guardian of my son John Fox and also with William Parke and Andrew Hogg to be executors.

Signed 15/10/1810.

Probate granted to William Park[e] 06/05/1812.

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Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
Melling, Lancashire, North-west England, England