Rev. Edward Marshall

1769 - 1821


Anglican clergyman and slave-owner in Jamaica, dying c. 1821.

  1. "Adm. (age 18) at KING'S, a scholar from Eton, May 30, 1788. [S. of John, clerk (and Mary, dau. of Charles Hawtrey, Sub-dean of Exeter).] B. Mar. 1769, at Exeter. Matric. Easter, 1791; B.A. 1792; M.A. 1815. Fellow, 1791-5. Ord. priest (London) Mar. 19, 1815. Went to the West Indies; R. of Kingston, Jamaica. (Harwood, Alumni Eton.)"

  2. Rev. Edward Marshall was born Exeter 1769, Eton and King's Cambridge, ordained a deacon at King's, Cambridge, 1791, ordained a priest at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace, 1815. "Went to the West Indies; R[ector] of Kingston, Jamaica."

  3. Rev. Edward Marshall of Jamaica subscribed to 10 copies of Sermons on Various Subjects by Rev. Charles Hawtrey, in 1797.

  4. Rev. Edward Marshall married Miss Elizabeth Horn in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1794.

  5. Anna, daughter of Rev. Edward Marshall and Elizabeth, born 26/11/1801 at Ashfwington[?] and baptised 27/05/1802 in Totnes, Devon. Lucy (born 1807) and John (born 1809), children of the Rev. Edward Marshall and Elizabeth his wife, were baptised in St Andrew, Jamaica, in 1809. Charles (born 1811), Mary Ann (born 1813) and Dora (1815), with the same parents, were baptised in St Andrew in 1815. Lucy Sophia, daughter of the Rev. Edward Marshall, late Rector of St George, deceased, was born 12/11/1819 and baptised 18/11/1821 in St Andrew.

  6. Anna, daughter of the late Rev. Edward Marshall of Jamaica, married Lieut. J. Binney, RN, son of Hon. H. N. Binney of Nova Scotia, in Putney in 1822.

  7. Enslaved people on Mount Moses were registered by Rev. Edward Marshall as owner and natural guardian to his children Anna and Lucy Marshall in 1817; as owner and natural guardian in 1820; by Samuel Murphy as attorney of Elizabeth Marshall in 1823 and 1826 and by Samuel Murphy as trustee in 1829 and 1832. It's not clear why only two of Edward Marshall's children are mentioned in the earlier registers. They may have inherited a small number of enslaved people rather than a share in the estate. It's not clear whether the trust beneficiaries are Elizabeth Marshall or her children.


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Further Information

Elizabeth Horn
Anna (1801-), Lucy (1807-), John (1809-), Charles (1811-), Mary Ann (1813-), Dora (1815-), Lucy Sophia (1819-)
Church of England

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1809 [EA] - 1821 [LA] → Owner
1820 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Other

Sold enslaved people to this estate c.1820.

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