Edward Byam senior

???? - 1768


Slave-owner on Antigua, an absentee in Britain before his death. His estate was not identified in the will but Vere Langford Oliver gave it as Cedar Hill. Possibly the same man as the Edward Byam who was the original purchaser of Lot No. 66 (300 acres) St Joseph in Dominica, although this might refer to Edward Byam of Cedar Hill (q.v.).

  1. Will of Edward Byam [sen. formerly] of Antigua [but for several years of L[l]anion in Pembrokeshire] [made in 1766] proved 08/11/1768. He left £3000 to his daughter Rebecca and to his second son Samuel the balance of the £3000 he had promised Samuel on the latter's marriage and a 'negro man slave', Westminster, a carpenter. He left his wife Lydia £200 in addition to her dower on 1/3rd of his real estate in the West Indies. He freed two enslaved people, Cuffy and Susanna, and instructed the two could retain their houses and allowances on the estate.


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol.I p 96; John Byres, References to a plan of the island of Dominica as surveyed from the year 1765 and 1773 (London, 1777) p. 17.

  1. PROB 11/942/203

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Lydia Byam
Samuel (d. 1786); William (d. 1779); 3 das; 1 other son

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