Samuel Byam died 1761

???? - 1761


Slave-owner on Antigua. Vere Langford Oliver shows this Samuel Byam as the son of Samuel Byam (d. 1738), having agreed to marry Elizabeth Shephard but dying in 1761; he also shows a second Samuel Byam, the son of Edward Byam (d. 1768), who did marry Elizabeth Shephard (in 1764) and died c. 1786.

  1. Will of Samuel Byam of Antigua [made in 1761 and attested in 1762 in Antigua] proved 08/08/1785. In a codicil of 1761 he said that he was to be married to Elizabeth Shephard the daughter of Thomas Shephard of Antigua (some time since deceased) and Rachael, but that he expected the marriage to be disappointed and left £600 to her. In his original will he had left his [unnamed] estates to his sister Phillis Wollaston and her heirs, charging £6000 for the benefit of any daughters other than the one inheriting the real estate.

  2. In 1768, Phillis Wollaston, then Phillis Frampton, and her second husband James Frampton of Moreton, Dorset on behalf of Phillis Byam Wollaston and Charlton Wollaston, her children; William Fauquier (the step-father of Samuel Byam d. 1761) and his children; and Stephen Blizard and Thomas Warner petitioned to bring in a bill to sell the 'Byam estates.' An act of 23/10/1769 vested the estates of the deceased Samuel Byam in trustees to be sold to pay his debts and the surplus be laid out in Great Britain to the uses of his will.


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