Jefferys Allen

1760 - 23rd Aug 1844


Year of birth is approximate. 1st son of Benjamin Allen MP of Bridgwater and Ann, née Jefferys of Stocklinch, Somerset.

Married Susan, daughter of Philip Burlton of Bridgwater. 4 sons

Allen inherited the interest of his father, Benjamin Allen, at Bridgwater, as well as property in the vicinity from his great-aunt, Mary Jefferys.

Pittite Tory. Played little part in the House of Commons.

Included here because Judd lists his father as a ‘West Indian’ MP but gives the MP tenure dates for Jefferys Allen. Not clear what, if any, his West Indian interest were.

His father (?1731-?1791) was also pretty inactive in the Commons. (MP for Bridgewater, 1768-1781.) His only known speech was on East India affairs, 24 March 1773. It is possible that he died in Jamaica in 1791 but there is no more than a passing reference to the Gentleman's Magazine.


Entry by M. H. Port in History of Parliament online; Gerrit P. Judd IV, Members of Parliament 1734-1832 (New Haven, Yale University Press, 1955).

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4 sons

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Pittite Tory / West India interest 
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Bridgwater Somerset
1796 - 1804