Thomas Hothersall of Giddy Hall Essex

???? - 1710


  1. Son of John Hothersall (1654-1694) and his wife Meliora (possibly nee Drax). A minor on the death of his father in 1694. Died unmarried. At his death, Gidea [sic] Hall was sold to Sir John Eyles.

  2. In his will proved 12/07/1710, Thomas Hothersall of Hornchurch Essex left his English estate of Guydy [sic] Hall to be sold to finance the legacies due to his siblings under the will of their father John, and left his Hothersall estate in Barbados and the enslaved people on it in trust to fund an annuity of £300 p.a. to his mother Mrs Meliora Hothersall, with the overplus to his brother Burch, who was to inherit the estate after their mother's death, subject to annuities of £100 p.a. and £50 p.a. to two other brothers.

  3. Thomas's sister Meliora married Richard Hallett of Stedcombe Manor, himself the descendant of Barbados slave-owners.


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- 1710 [LA] → Owner

Tentatively identified as the Hothersal Poole estate left by Thomas Hothersall in his will proved in 1710.

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Country house
Gidea or Giddy Hall 
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Possession of the house descended to Thomas Hothersall from his father John (1654-1694) and mother Meliora who in turn appear to have inherited the Hall from John's uncle and aunt Col. John and...

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Giddy Hall, Essex, South-east England, England