Alexander Hawthorn

???? - 1822


Slave-owner on Jamaica, buyer of enslaved people on Outon from John Hawthorn between 1820 and 1823. Of Gower Street London when he made his will in 1814. LBS has not yet fully analysed the Hawthorn family, and there is confusion in the genealogies online. It appears that Alexander Hawthorn and John Hawthorn of Outon were brothers or half-brothers active in Jamaica c. 1790-1820; a second generation comprised Robert (son of Alexander), and Robert (d. 1797) and John of Glenluce, sons of John of Outon; and third generation included Sarah Collins nee Hawthorn (daughter of John of Glenluce) and Rev. Robert Hawthorn.

  1. Will of Alexander Hawthorn [late of the island of Jamaica but now of Gower Street in the parish] of St Giles in the Fields [made in 1814] proved 13/07/1822. He left an annuity of £700 p.a. to his wife Jane. Whereas he had advanced to his daughter Eliza on her marriage to John Sutton Minot £1000 or thereabouts, he left a similar legacy to his daughter Isabella. He ordered his trustees to raise £5000 for each of his daughters for life, and then to their children if any, with power to will it as they saw fit in the absence of children, with a further £2000 to each of them on the death of the mother Jane. He also left £5000 in trust for his grandson John Mitchell, son of his late daughter Susan and her husband John Robert Mitchell of the Rock in Trelawny. His residuary legatee was his son Robert Hawthorn, also an executor; one of his other executors was John Watson late of Falmouth but now of Mincing Lane. In codicil of 1820 he pledged £20,000 he had in consols to secure his wife's annuity and his legacies to his daughters, reduced the incremental legacies to his daughters to £1000 each from £2000 each, and postponed the legacy to his grandson until both his wife had died and the grandson had reached 21 (rather than at the earlier of the two events in the original will.)


  1. PROB 11/1659/183

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Jane Adamson
Susan; Eliza; Isabella; Robert;

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1820 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Buyer

Shown as purchaser of enslaved people on Outon between 1820 and 1823.

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Elizabeth Minot appears as Eliza in the will of her father Alexander...
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In his will Alexander Hawthorn left £5000 in trust for his grandson John Mitchell, the son of his deceased daughter Susan and John Robert Mitchell of the Rock...
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Gower Street, London, Middlesex, London, England