Susanna Francklyn

???? - 20th Jun 1817


Annuitant under the will of her brother Peter Francklyn (q.v.).

  1. Will of Susanna Francklyn of [Montpelier] Walcot Bath [made in 1812] proved 02/08/1817. She had left £2000 to her three nephews in an earlier will; with the death of her nephew John Francklyn, she consolidated this legacy on the remaining two, Charles Alfred and Henry Francklyn. She left £600 each to her nieces Maria Lang, wife of Robert Lang, and Frances Woolley.

  2. Died 20/06/1817.


  1. PROB 11/1595/13.

  2. Email from Jonathan Spencer Jones, 02/06/2020.

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Sister → Brother
Sister → Brother
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Aunt → Nephew
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Walcot, Somerset, South-west England, England