Edward Payne

???? - 1794


London merchant, partner with Rene Payne (q.v.). Edward and Rene Payne reportedly purchased a coffee plantation in St Paul's Dominica in 1776. This estate has not yet been identified by LBS. 'They also appear to have had some involvement with estates in Grenada, as well as a possible interest in the cargo of 313 slaves carried by a ship called the Marlborough in 1772-1773, and as creditors of merchants who owned property in Jamaica, including Monteath, Miller & Sinclair, William and Thomas Monteath and Thomas Hibbert junior.'

  1. The will of Edward Payne of Kings Arms Yard was proved at London 21/11/1794 and referred to Rene Payne as his nephew. He instructed his trustees - Rene Payne and Joseph Nutt - to realise his property and raise £20,000, from which the interest was to be paid to Edward Payne's wife Frances for life, and then the principal was to be divided and the interest on £6000 to go to his son John George Payne; on £6000 to his son-in-law Rev. George Pickard; and on £6000 to his daughter Elizabeth Adair. He left further amounts in trust directly for his children and left monetary legacies to his grandchildren of £1000 each.


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  1. PROB 11/1251/48.

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Elizabeth, John George; 1 da.

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Name partner
Edward and Rene Payne & Co.
West India and General Merchant  
Bank of England

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Business partners

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King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street, City of London, Middlesex, South-east England, England