Jannett Hibbert (née Gordon)

???? - 1779


  1. Will of Jannett Hibbert widow of Mortlake Surrey [made in 1774] proved 09/06/1779. In the will she left £500 currency in trust to Thomas Hibbert of Kingston, his nephew Thomas Hibbert the younger of the same place, Nathan Sprigg of Barnes, and Samuel Wilkinson Gordon of Abchurch Lane for her five children Thomas, Cecilia, Margaret, John and Robert. She left to her sister Cecilia Gordon her 'negro called Sarah' and to her other sister Frances Gordon her 'to negroes called Charles and Mary Jones'. She said that her sisters had not received the same as she had from their father, and since all of her own children had 'separate fortunes', she left her two sisters the interest on £2000 Jamaican currency. In a codicil of 08/10/1778 she said that her late husband John had made no provision in his will made 11 years prior to his death for their sons John or Robert (with the latter of whom she had been pregnant at the time of her husband John's death), and that Thomas Hibbert senior and younger had on entering into partnership with Samuel Jackson agreed to make £1000 available each from the profits of their partnership for the benefit of the younger John Hibbert. She placed her daughters in the care of Mrs Annabella Sprigg of Barnes and Mrs Abigail Hibbert, wife of Robert Hibbert of Manchester, and her two younger sons in the care of her brother Samuel Wilkinson Gordon,


  1. PROB 11/1054/70

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Maiden Name
John Hibbert

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Mortlake, Surrey, South-east England, England