William Beach

???? - 1788


Brother of John Beach (q.v.) of London, and local trustee of Thomas Lucas of Lee (q.v.), dying in St Kitts c. 1788.

  1. Will of William Beach of Colledge Street, Basseterre, St Kitts [made in 1787] proved 13/03/1788. He left 1 shilling 'in lieu of everything else' to Mary Hanna Beach 'who I married', saying that he had satisfied her father Thomas Ashington senior in every respects relative to her maintenance. The core of the will provided for his children by his 'faithful mulatto woman' Frances Johnson of St Kitts and for Frances Johnson herself, funded by £11,500 sterling to be placed in trust by his executor, his brother John Beach. Two schedules detailed the total annuities of £400 p.a. to 8 children and £200 currency p.a. to Frances Johnson and their children together.


  1. PROB 11/1163/190

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