Samuel Byam died c. 1818

???? - 1818


Although not identified as such in his will, this Samuel Byam was the son of Martin Byam (q.v.) and brother of Elizabeth Muller (q.v.). The two children appear to have been natural children: Vere Langford Oliver shows Martin Byam and his wife Elizabeth Byam as dying s.p.

  1. Will of Samuel Byam planter of Antigua [made in 1814] proved 14/11/1818. In the will he left, in order to settle his own debts, the legacy left to him by Elizabeth Byam and secured as a debt on Stony Hill, and the interest on the arrears of his annuity under the will of Martin Byam (q.v.). He left £1000 to Elizabeth Muller (q.v.) and £200 to Jane Tenant 'free mulatto woman.'


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol I. p. 98.

  1. PROB 11/1610/207.

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