Peter Gurley senior

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Slave-owner in St Vincent, shown by genealogical sources as dying in 1783. Original purchaser of Lot No. 53 (83 acres) and co-purchaser with Fletcher and Nugent of Lot No. 56 (198 acres) which together with Lot No. 54 (54 acres, purchased by Ashe) became Peter's Hope estate.


Charles Shephard, History of the Island of St Vincent Appendix XX, following John Byres 1776 Plan.

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West Indian?

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1776 [EA] - → Joint owner

Peter Gurley was the original purchaser after 1763 of Lot No. 53 (83 acres) and co-purchaser of Lot No. 56 (198 acres), which together with Lot No. 75 (68 acres, originally bought by 'Poor Settlers') and two lots leased to French inhabitants totalling a further 66 acres later formed part of the Peter's Hope estate.

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