Charles Augustus Ellis 6th Baron Howard de Walden

1799 - 1868


Son of Charles Rose Ellis Lord Seaford (q.v.), inheriting the title as 6th Baron Howard de Walden as a young child through his mother's family. He married Lady Lucy Joan Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck (d. 29 July 1899), fourth daughter of William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, fourth duke of Portland, the brother Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck (1774-1839) (q.v.). He did not inherit his father's property in Jamaica until after Emancipation, but continued as an absentee owner there into the 1860s, having given evidence to the 1847-8 Select Committee, and inheriting an interest in the Fort George estate in St George Jamaica under the will of his cousin Charles Parker Ellis (q.v.). His widow inherited the Portland Estate (now the Howard de Walden estate) in 1879 on the death of her brother the fifth Duke of Portland, and it passed from her through her son with the 6th Baron, Frederick George Ellis 7th Baron Howard de Walden, to the latter's descendants.


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Charles Parke Ellis left his interest in Fort George estate in St George Jamaica to the 6th Lord Howard de Walden under his will proved in...
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