Elizabeth Vallette Moorsom (née Pedder)

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Heir of her father James Pedder (q.v.). The Mount Sinai estate which had belonged to her father passed eventually to the family of Samuel Delpratt (q.v. under Samuel Delpratt I), a trustee whom James Pedder appointed under a codicil to his will: it is not known under what circumstances the estate was transmitted, but Samuel Delpratt I had been a partner of the Jamaican moneylender and mortgagee Edward Foord, in whose possession the estate was in 1774: the two men were likely to have been creditors of Pedder and/or his estate.

  1. No will or death-date has yet been found for her by LBS. Elizabeth Vallette Pedder's husband Nathaniel Moorsom, whom she married in 1780, died a Lt Col. in the Royal Marines at Blackheath in 1833.


  1. United Service Magazine (1833) Part III p. 571.

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Nathaniel Moorsom

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