Charles Hanbury

???? - 1825


Son of Osgood Hanbury I and brother of Osgood Hanbury II (both of whom q.v.), and apparently joint-owner of the Locust Hall estate on Barbados. He was a country banker, a partner in two linked concerns named the Suffolk and Essex Bank and the Essex and Suffolk Bank. The latter at least was a predecessor firm of Barclays.

  1. Will of Charles Hanbury of Halsted Essex proved 10/02/1825. The will is silent on West india property - Locust Hall had been sold by the time he made his will in 1824. He ordered his Essex estate to be sold after 12 months, to fund legacies including an annuity of £200 p.a. to his wife Priscilla. He left his partnership share in 'various banks in the county of Suffolk' to his son David, who was also a partner in all except the bank at Stowemarket, and his interests in banks in Essex to his son Octavius (if Octavius was rejected as a partner, then the other partners were obliged to pay him [Octavius] £5000 in lieu of the partnership).


George Leckey, The Stamp Office List of Country Bankers, Containing All the Banking Companies in England and Wales (1813) pp. 31 and 72; [accessed 23/09/2019].

  1. PROB 11/1695/175.

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Indentures of 1796 connect the heirs of Hanbury & Gosling to the Locus Hall estate. In 1802, Locust Hall was shown [in Hughes-Queree] as sold by Susanna Gosling and others to Charles Hanbury and Osgood Hanbury II. It is not clear in what capacity the latter two were acting: the estate had earlier been jointly-owned by their father, and it might be that the two Hanburys were buying in the share they did not already own.

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