George Garrioch

???? - 1742


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica with family ties to Leith in Scotland, dying c. 1742.

  1. Will of George Garrioch planter of St Thomas proved 05/07/1742. He left an annuity of £50 p.a. to his mother Mrs Margaret Garrioch of Leith, and £500 to each of his three sisters and £100 to each of two brothers. He left his unnamed estate (almost certainly Leith Hall) in Jamaica to his brother John Garrioch (q.v.). In the margin at the top of the will is the word "Coruna", possibly a reference to Corunna estate in St Andrew.


  1. PROB11/719/259.

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- 1742 [EY] → Owner

Inferred by LBS to have been the estate left by George Garrioch in 1742 to his brother John Garrioch.

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