Richard Lake

1751 - 1820


Slave factor in Jamaica, dying in England in 1820. The partners in Lindo & Lake were given by Eli Faber as Alexandre Lindo, Abraham Alexandre Lindo, Richard Lake and Richard Lake jun. in 1796. The firm broke up amid contention between the Lindo and Lake families c. 1802.

  1. The will of Richard Lake [late of Jamaica but now residing at] Castle Godwin Gloucestershire [made in 1818] was proved 17/06/1820. He left £3000 in trust to support his reputed daughter Barbara Lake then living with him at Castle Godwin, with his residuary estate left to his 10 named nieces and nephews. [It is not clear whether this was the will of Richard Lake or Richard Lake jun.]


Eli Faber, Jews, Slaves and the Slave Trade: Setting the Record Straight p. 317.

  1. PROB 11/1631/195.

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Castle Godwyn, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England