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'Nathaniel Crowe' or 'Crow' appears in secondary sources as the father of Mary Crowe or Crow, the wife of the politician John Robinson (q.v.) and the step-daughter of Richard Smith of Islington (who was in turn the father-in-law of the letter-writer Charlotte Turner Smith). This is erroneous, LBS has concluded: Mary Crow, the wife of John Robinson, was the daughter of James Crow the brother of Nathan (rather than Nathaniel) Crow, and Mary the first wife of Richard Smith was the widow of James Crow. Nathan Crow was himself a London merchant: it is unclear whether he had connections with Barbados or with the slave-economy.

  1. Will of Nathan Crow of St Stephen Coleman Street, City of London 16/03/1772 was probably this man. It identified his daughters as Elizabeth Bonnyman, Martha Crow and Anna Crow.


  1. PROB 11/975/353.

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