John Orr of Demerara

???? - 1805


John Orr appears to have operated in both Grenada and Demerara and was associated with Duncan Campbell of Bedford Square and with Edmund Thornton and James Bailiie of the City of London. He died apparently in Demerara c. 1805: Duncan Campbell was his executor.

  1. In 1805 the vacancy created by the death of John Orr in the College of Kiezers in Demerara was advertised by the Governor.


Duncan Campbell and John Orr (both given as of Grenada) and Edmund Thornton and James Bailie of the City of London received an Exchequer Loan of £40,000 09/07/1795.

  1. The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette, 27/04/1805.

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West Indian?

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The executor of John Orr (who died c. 1805) was party to a suit leading to the advertised sale of half of La Resource in 1812.