Ann Hamilton (née Garner)

???? - 1837


Heiress of the income on £20,000 for life under the will of her father Nicholas Garner of Nassau (q.v.), with power to leave £12,000 of the principal under her own will. In her will proved 02/05/1837, made in 1836 when she was of Weymouth, she said that she had received part of the £12,000 under an order in Chancery, and left the 'remaining' sum of £2666 13s 4d (it is not clear whether this was the residue of what she had received or the remainder still in Chancery) in a series of monetary legacies, including to the children of her cousins Nicholas Russell Garner and James Nicholas Garner.

Further Information

Maiden Name
William Hervey Hamilton

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Father
First Cousins

Addresses (1)

Weymouth, Dorset, Wessex, England