Abraham Aguilar of Devonshire Square

???? - 1794


Slave-owner in Jamaica, in London when he made his will in 1794 and dying there later the same year. His will places him in a transatlantic network of Jewish merchants and slave-owners currently or previously of Jamaica.

  1. Will of Abraham Aguilar of Devonshire Square City of London, proved 07/07/1794. He left £50 each from his assets in Jamaica to relatives: his brother Isaac Aguilar and sister Grace Lopes Torres widow of David Lopes Torres, his sister-in-law Rebecca Aguilar relict of his brother Emanuel Aguilar, his six nieces and nephews, children of his brother Isaac and his son-in-law Joseph Aguilar of Kingston. He left all his 'negro and other slaves' and the increase of the female enslaved people, except those on Banks's estate in St Ann in whom he had an interest, to his wife Judith. He left £30,000 in trust (his trustees were his brother Isaac Aguilar, his cousin Emanuel Baru[c]h Lousada the younger, Isaac Baruch Lousada and David Samuda of London) to pay the interest to his wife Judith for life with power for her to will £10,000 of the principal of her death, with the other £20,000 to his daughter Rebecca and her children. His residuary heirs were his three daughters Sarah Diaz Fernandez, Grace Aguilar and Rebecca Aguilar.


  1. PROB 11/1247/105.

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In his will made and proved in 1794, Abraham Aguilar said he was 'interested in' enslaved people on Banks's estate in St Ann.

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Isaac Aguilar was a trustee of the will of his brother Abraham Aguilar made and proved in 1794....
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Emanuel Baruh Lousada the younger [then of London] was identified as his cousin and trustee in the will of Abraham Aguilar made and proved in 1794 ...