Sherland Swanston

???? - 1803


London merchant, partner in Mills's & Swanston and then Mills & Swanston. His will [made in 1789 with a codicil pf 1800] proved 13/10/1803 is a cry of rage over the bankruptcy of the two firms engineered, he claimed, by Matthew Towgood (a trustee of John Mills of Great St Helens), which led to the appointment of assignees over the assets of both firms in 1781.

  1. In 1775 Sherland Swanston and John Mills advanced £8000 to William Neale secured on the estate inherited by William Neale from Thomas Neale (whose will was dated 19/06/1773). The mortgage passed to the assignees of Mills and Swanston: Thomas Hankey of Fenchurch Street, Richard Neave, John Platt of Cornhill linen-draper, John Beach and John Lewis Paulhan.


PROB 11/1400/100.

  1. Deed Book 1787, British Library, EAP688/1/1/2, pp. 40-71.

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1776 [EA] - → Creditor

In indentures of 18 and 19/10/1776, Mills & Swanston were identified as being owed £8608 15s 1d subject to payments since received, and were appointed consignees for the sugar.

- 1781 [EY] → Mortgage Holder

Mills & Swanston failed in 1781

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Name partner
Mills & Swanston
West India merchant  

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Bankrupt → Assignee-in-bankruptcy
Business partners
Business partners
Bankrupt → Assignee-in-bankruptcy
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Business partners

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Great St Helens, City of London, Middlesex, London, England