Thomas Young of Milverton

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Banker of Milverton. He and his partner Robert Young of Taunton had failed by 1814, when Maria Geagan 'now or late of Trinidad' was singled out as a debtor. The polymath Thomas Young, who has an entry in the ODNB as 'physician and natural philosopher', was the son of Thomas Young banker of Milverton: the entry emphasises the strict Quaker values of his parents.


London Gazette 16943 8 October 1814 pp. 2014-15; Cantor, Geoffrey. "Young, Thomas (1773–1829), physician and natural philosopher." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 23 Sep. 2004; Accessed 27 Aug. 2020.

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Maria Geagan was shown as indebted to Thomas Young of Milverton and Robert Young of Taunton in an announcement related to their bankruptcy in 1814....
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The two men were bankrupt jointly c....

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Milverton, Somerset, South-west England, England