John Vanderpool

???? - 1775


Slave-owner on Nevis, dying c. 1775, party with his wife Mary to a series of deeds culminating in one of 29/04/1773 (to which he was not party) whereby the mortgage for £1000 over his land [the deed is silent on enslaved people] originally held by Daniel Henderson but refinanced by William Reeve, Andrews Reeve and Jeremiah Hill of Bristol was assigned by the Reeves and Jeremiah Hill to John Gaspard Ringmacher of Chippenham, to whom they [the Reeves and Hill] were indebted.

  1. The will of John Vanderpool made in 1774 was attested 04/03/1775. He acknowledged the legacy to each of his six children of £200 currency by Mrs Elizabeth Vanderpool late of St Kitts, which had been paid to him and which he ordered paid from his estate. He left an enslaved man named Priam, and two enslaved women and a child - Polly and Mary and her child Charles - to his wife Mary together with 'all my small stock' about his house, and her choice of houses on his estate. He made his children his residuary heirs.


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Mary, John, Anne, Samuel, Rebecca, Frances

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