Johan Caspar Weise junior

1793 - ????


  1. Elizabeth Hynes Weise, "a mulatto woman" age 35 years, baptised in Kingston, 03/02/1798; her children by Johan Caspar Weise (Johan Casper, age five, Justina age four, Eleanor age two) were baptised on the same day.

  2. In 1826 John Casper Weise of the parish of Port Royal, “a free person of colour, planter” petitioned the House of Assembly for an extension of privileges, stating that he “was educated in England and is beneficially interested in an extensive coffee-plantation and slaves in the said parish; that he is well known to several members of the House, to whom he refers for his character and qualifications”. The petition was referred to a special committee of the House and the Privy Council called for Hon. John Mais to be examined in support. The petition was presented at a time when Jews in Jamaica were collectively seeking an extension of rights enabling them to vote and hold public office, and may represent Weise’s personal initiative to the same effect.

  3. He was warned for jury service at Surrey Assizes in 1818 and was a vestryman in Port Royal in 1836.


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