Ann Nisbet formerly Blomberg (née Maynard)

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Ann Bloomberg [sic] of Kirkby over Carr Yorkshire was party to a deed of 18/05/1775 with William Maynard senior formerly of Nevis but then of St James, Middlesex, which recited the agreement in 1767 of her late husband William Blomberg to lend £5000 to William Maynard senior secured on the latter's estate in Nevis. She had then lent a further £6000 to William Maynard, and he mortgaged his estates on Nevis to her to secure the debt. William Maynard was her father, although the deed did not identify hm as such. Ann Blomberg nee Maynard remarried, to Walter Nisbet at St James 06/10/1775; the couple were divorced by 1784, although it is not clear whether Ann nee Maynard was alive at that point - Walter Nisbet was described as 'divorced from his late wife' on his second marriage. The marriage settlement of Walter Nisbet and Ann Blomberg recognised the wealth, both real and personal, she was bringing to the marriage and placed Nisbet's property in trust to secure an annuity of £1000 p.a. to Ann Blomberg if she survived him.


Common Records 1776-1777, British Library, EAP794/1/1/16, pp. 54-64 and pp. 66 et seq.

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(1) William Blomberg (2) Walter Nisbet

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1767 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

Ann Blomberg's husband William initially lent William Maynard (her father) £5000; Ann Blomberg as a widow later lent further £6000.

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Daughter → Father
Sister → Brother
Wife → Second Husband
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Ann nee Maynard appears to have divorced from Walter Nisbet before...

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Kirkby over Carr, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England