John Arthurton

???? - 1797


Merchant of Nevis.

  1. Under the will of John Arthurton of Nevis, made 06/07/1797 and entered 30/12/1797, he left his wife Jane Arthurton £30 for mourning and noted that the had already provided for her with an annuity of £200 p.a. [secured] on Richard Hick's estate on Nevis. He left £2000 to his 'mustee' son Charles 'to be placed out on good landed security at 8% p.a', the interest to support Charles Arthurton until he was placed in a trade in England at 15 or so and the principal to him at 21; he left his 'mustee' daughter Elizabeth £1000 under a similar structure [without the trade proviso]. He left: £50 to John a 'mulatto' man 'the property of Messrs Ede & Shaw'; £50 to Elizabeth Arthurton the daughter of a mulatto woman named Joan Peterson; £33 to James a 'mulatto' man again 'the property of Messrs Ede & Shaw', the three being reputed children of his. He left £40 p.a to Charlotte, the mother of Charles and Elizabeth, and £100 to his friend Dr Sholto Archibald. His residuary heir was his brother Thomas Arthurton (q.v.)


  1. Wills 1787-1805, British Library, EAP794/1/5/2, pp. 270-272.

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In his will made and proved in 1797 John Arthurton noted that he had provided for his wife Jane through an annuity of £200 p.a. secured on the estate of the late Richard Hicks on Nevis.

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